Put Your Best Foot Forward

It is important to put your best foot forward when it’s time to sell your home. We have put together a handy checklist for you. 95% percent of buyers will look at your home online before deciding to set up a showing. That’s why preparing your home for professional real estate photography is so vital. A clean, organized home entices a potential buyer to come check it out in person.

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Real Estate Photography Checklist

General Areas

  • Clean Whole House
  • Vacuum
  • Mop Floors
  • Clean Windows
  • Turn All Lights On
  • Use Similar Colored Lightbulbs
  • Turn Ceiling Fans Off
  • Depersonalize Home
  • Open Blinds

Front Exterior

  • Close Garage Doors
  • Hide Trash Cans
  • Remove Cars From Driveway
  • Remove Toys, Sports Balls, Etc.
  • Remove Visible Water Hoses
  • Mow
  • Rake Leaves

Living Areas

  • Fluff & Arrange Furniture Pillows
  • Remove Kid’s Toys
  • Remove Stacks of Magazines, Papers, & Mail
  • Tidy Up Living Spaces. Turn Off TV’s
  • Dust Ceiling Fans


  • Clear Countertops.
  • Remove Dishes From Sink
  • Clear Refrigerator Of Magnets, Photos, Papers, Etc.
  • Remove Mail & Paper.

Dining Room

  • Clean Table Top
  • Straighten All Chairs & Space Them Evenly
  • Dust Chandeliers
  • Turn All Lights On


  • Make Bed
  • Clear Nightstands
  • Store Away All Cables
  • Remove All Clutter From Top of Dressers
  • Clear Under Bed
  • Put Away Shoes, Clothing, Knick-Knacks, & General Items


  • Clear Countertops
  • Remove Toothbrushes, Medicine, & Other Clutter
  • Put Toilet Seat Down
  • Remove Soap, Shampoo, Loofahs, Etc.
  • Remove Dirty or Non-Matching Towels
  • Clean Mirrors, Tub, & Shower


  • Place Food & Water Bowls in the Pantry or Closet
  • Put Away Pet Beds & Toys
  • Contain Pets in Hidden Crate, Safe Place, or Outside
  • Clear Backyard of Pet Waste & Toys

Back Exterior

  • Clean Porch
  • Tidy Up Outdoor Table Sets
  • Clear Kids Toys
  • Clean Pool & Remove
  • Pool Vacuum
  • Turn On Pool Fountains
  • Remove Visible Water Hoses
  • Mow