Spring is finally here and that means time spent on the patio, meals fresh off the grill, and feeling the excitement of summer just around the corner! Changing seasons can always be a refreshing time of year but can also be hard on a home. Be sure to follow these easy tips to enjoy a happy, healthy home this Spring!




Weather stripping is a process used to seal windows and doors. It is often used in Winter to keep cold air from leaking into a home but also can be helpful in keeping cool air inside in the warmer months. Update the seals on your doors and windows to conserve energy on your utility bill and help keep bugs and dust from entering your home.

Learn DIY weather stripping here.


Replace Your AC filter

Changing your AC filter is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to get your home ready for Spring. Benefits include longevity to your AC unit, ensuring cleaner air, and saving you the cost of replacing your AC unit down the line.

Check Your Gutters

Unchecked gutters can cause severe water damage to your home, overflow garden beds, and even cause cracks in your home’s foundation. A quick phone call to a professional can help protect your home or you can learn how to inspect your gutters yourself here.