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We started in real estate as investors in 2007 where we bought, sold, rehabbed and leased dozens of properties. During that process we dealt with hundreds of real estate professionals, learned what works, what doesn't work, and how to market our own properties most effectively and efficiently. While floating around on Grand Lake looking at homes with Realtor signs in the yards and thinking what could we do for a living to live and work here while we're still young enough to enjoy it, but can do it until we're 95 or so because we never want to retire? Then we thought why don't we become licensed Realtors and not only save costs on our own transactions but apply our knowledge and skills to help others do the same and the rest is history. We began Hoco Realty in 2014 and are now able to offer the most effective property marketing package available in NE Oklahoma and most of the state of Oklahoma. As investors our goal was to maximize the return on investment in any property. As Realtors our goal is to help you do the same thing while making the process as easy, efficient and convenient as possible. For Sellers we offer professional photography packages and aggressively market your home on 3 different Multiple Listing Services and over 100 different websites, publications and mediums along with social media to make your property look as good as it can and to get it in front of as many potential Buyers as possible. For Buyers we offer an organized and efficient search process. We use our resources and experience to help you evaluate properties, find the properties that best meet your needs and guide you through purchasing the property at the best terms possible. Whether you’re buying or selling we utilize the latest tools, technologies, and mediums to market, communicate, organize, facilitate and keep you informed through out the transaction.

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