Most likely, you have already heard of this modern marketing trend and may have wondered what all of the hype is about. Aerial Photography is a star in real estate marketing for a good reason, several actually, here are just a few:

Show entirety of the property

Drones offer additional visual information that normal cameras cannot. Give clients an amazing idea of the layout of a property including the driveway, garden, roof, and other outside areas. By offering an unique perspective of property angles, buyers will feel like they have a genuine picture of the home and all of its potential.

Community Amenities

Aerial photography gives potential buyers a sky-high impression of their home’s surrounding neighborhood. They can scope out nearby nature and other neighborhood amenities like a park or community pool. Providing an overall aesthetic of a home’s surroundings can help motivate a buyer to purchase a home.

Marketing Edge

Using modern marketing efforts will make you stand out as a someone who is current and trending in the real estate industry. According to Flash Film Media:

· 54% of potential buyers want to see a video before deciding whether or not to buy a property.

· 73% of buyers prefer to do business with an agent that uses video marketing.

Drone video is also extremely social media friendly, people are more likely to share a video over any other type of content.

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