Why a CLR Page? 

We understand the stress realtors are under. It’s not just about buying and selling homes. It’s everything else in the process: stagings, showings, closings, meetings, generating leads, researching, marketing, piles of paperwork, earning trust, and so much more. We wanted to create a way to help with that headache, by creating a free online resource to help realtors capture clients at every listing presentation. 



That’s what this is all about. This is a one-stop webpage for the products that realtors and their clients use the most. Sellers want to see the materials, the photos, the products. Sellers want to see the proof that your photographer and marketing team meets their standard. They want to know for a fact that you are the realtor to use! The Real Estate Trainer says, “We DO want to provide value and information to our clients, but not every client needs that same background information.” Don’t be afraid to be data-driven and show them the products you have at your fingertips! 




We exceed the Industry Standard

“The foundation of any listing presentation is the marketing plan.” (Austin Board of Realtors) But, don’t just show them. Be confident in the marketing team you have in your corner! As a real estate photography company that has shot over 13,000 homes, Nested Tours strives to not only meet the industry standard, but exceed it. Know the strengths of yourself, your marketing team, the local market’s weaknesses, and be ready to communicate them. Show your clients that you are confident in your arsenal. When you can rely on us, your clients can rely on you! 



Whether you need to show your sellers our photography, videography, 3D products, or brochures, this page is a one-stop to help you catch the attention of new clients at every listing presentation! “Your marketing materials need to feature everything you do for your clients, no matter what.” James Kimmons


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