Wanting to update your home this holiday season without breaking the bank? Here are five beautiful and cost-friendly tips to give your home a fresh new look! 



Add Crown Molding


Crown molding is a simple way to add texture to your space and make your home feel more upscale. Usually made out of plaster and wood, this decorative trim was originally created to bridge the gap between the wall and ceiling but over time it has become a unique way to bring definition to a space and make the ceiling seem higher. Here is some handy advice on how to apply crown molding.



Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

Do your cabinets look a little old-fashioned? Instead of ripping out your cabinets and getting yourself into an expensive and time-consuming project, consider painting your cabinets to give your kitchen an attractive and cost-effective update. If you are looking for more creative ways to switch up your kitchen cabinets, try changing out the handles or taking off some doors for open shelving to display colorful dishware. Before you get started, read these surprising tips for painting kitchen cabinets.



Make a Backyard Fire Pit 

Bring the charm of a crackling fire right to your backyard! This creative upgrade will make you a hit with your friends and family and encourage your loved ones to come together and create memories as the weather turns colder. Check out this step-by-step guide to make your own backyard fire pit.









Use Large Mirrors to Open up a Room 

Make a small space seem bigger by using mirrors to open up a space. A reflective surface will bounce off any available light and will help to make your room appear brighter. A cool tip: if you want your space to appear wider, use a long horizontal mirror and if you want your space to appear taller, use a long floor length mirror. Looking for ways to add some zest to an inexpensive mirror? Check out these creative ways to upgrade a mirror.


Give your Mailbox a Makeover to Add Curb Appeal

Mailboxes are often an overlook opportunity to add a ton of brownie points to your overall curb appeal. A withered mailbox can be an eyesore and can take away from the other good things happening in the front of your property. Check out these 15 clever mailbox makeover ideas. 

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