Staging your home helps to bring out your home’s best features and create an effective emotional appeal. Follow these easy tips to separate your home from the competition and get it off the market faster!

Personal touches are a strong suggestive seller and can make buyers feel at home when they walk through the door.

  • Display fresh flowers and baked goods.
  • Play calming background music.
  • Have a nice, subtle scent.  A recent study done by Millgate group found the most effective scent to sell a home was white tea and fig (dailymail).

Help create positive energy in your home that gives buyers a reason to pause and appreciate your space.

  • Position furniture towards entrances.
  • Add two matching plants on either side of your front door.
  • Choose décor and art that evoke happy feelings.
  • Light up dark spaces.
  • Open windows often and invest in an air purifier to get quality air throughout your home. 
  • Invest in any repairs that your home needs (fresh coat of paint, fix loose handles, etc.) to make sure your home communicates that it has been lovingly maintained.
  • Declutter and neutralize your home (check out our handy checklist).

In the same vein as Feng Shui, creating the illusion of more space can help small spaces feel cozy instead of cramped.

  • Display mirrors from an opposing light source to amplify the light in the room.
  • Paint adjoining rooms the same color to create additional length.
  • Ditch the drapes and leave windows exposed.
  • Keep furniture low to the ground.

BONUS TIP: In a market where cyber appeal holds as much weight as curb appeal, virtual staging is a great way to increase buyer interest and help sell your property faster. Learn more about our virtual staging services here.